I'm Arun Gupta!
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Do you know 8 Crore girls in rural India quit school forever after their first period? A large number have no option but to resort to using shocking alternatives like cow dung, husk sand, mud or dry leaves during their period.

Hi, I am Arun. And I am running with Pinkishe Foundation this year in the Airtel Delhi half Marathon to raise funds for them. Only Rs. 500 takes care of an adolescent girl's menstrual education and supply of sanitary pads for two years.

Through this message, I request all my friends and family members to join me in supporting this cause. You can donate a small amount and help raise funds from your network.

It’s a matter of the health and dignity of young underprivileged girls. Please do join and support me!


Pinkishe Foundation
Pinkishe is an 'All-women' Non-profit organization headquartered in New Delhi. Established in May 2017, Pinkishe is a section 80G and 12A certified "Registered Trust" focused on the development, well-being, pride, and happiness of Indian women and the girl-child. Pinkishe witnessed growth from just two persons to an all-women volunteer community of 200,000+ women and 20+ branches across India's length and breadth in only two years of inception.

We run multiple programs for girls and women, the flagship being PADBANK. We work on spreading Menstrual Hygiene awareness and distributing free reusable sanitary pads to slums and rural areas.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.


I am the Founder & President of Pinkishe Foundation


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