I'm Akanksha Datta!
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I will keep it simple and straight from my heart

No mother, daughter, wife or sister should lose their life because of Breast Cancer

Early detection and timely treatment saves lives.
Your contribution will help break the taboo related to breast cancer and aid in providing free screening to women in India.

Let's sensitize everyone towards making women health a priority.

I am supporting Yuvraj Singh foundation as they are doing some incredible work in this field. They are aiming for 1 lakh free scans till 31st march 2023 out of which 27670 have already been done.

Kindly note- You will receive an 80G certificate immediately after donation.
Its #raceagainstbreastcancer and together we can win it.


Yuvraj Singh Foundation
The YouWeCan Foundation (registered as Yuvraj Singh Foundation) is a non-profit organization established by cricketer and cancer survivor Yuvraj Singh. The Foundation works with a mission to empower people to defeat cancer through awareness, early detection, patient support and survivor empowerment.

Vision: We envision an India empowered to defeat cancer.

Mission: To empower all people to fight cancer, through awareness, early detection, patient support and survivor empowerment.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

Dr Neena Chhibbar
Anil Mathur
Varun Singh
Ashok Mathur
Nidhi Bragta
Sumeet Kumar Sharma
Pulkit Datta
Satyendra Kumar Chhibbar
Pooja bhalla
Renuka Srivastava
Ritu Sharma
Sumit Rai Chhibber
Romal Patel
Suraj Singh Negi
Yogesh Sirohi


I am Akanksha Datta- Book blogger and storyteller by choice, social worker by passion, a crown holder and a learner for life.

What I love to do the most- community service, dancing, listening to music and dogs.


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