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I strongly believe that the concept of holistic health has to reach to the most remote and vulnerable regions of the country. My Awareness and fundraising campaign at Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon is aimed at sensitizing masses about the creating awareness about Holistic Health and and adapting a lifestyle that considers multidimensional aspects of wellness including Mental Health. I strongly believe in the overall vision of WSF(WoMEN Sports Foundation) which has been doing commendable work in the area of holistic health by reaching out to girls and women from remote communities and working on their preventive and curative health. The fact that WSF is also creating a platform of building a healthier India through Interventions in Sports , Education , Health and Environment has motivated me to raise funds as well as create awareness for the cause. Through my aim I am striving to support WSF in reaching out to 100 rural girl / women beneficiaries and positively impacting their lives through health screening, counselling and using sports as a platform to develop life skills amongst them. I will look forward to your support in this campaign.


WSF is a non-government organisation, working since the March of 2012. Sports and health are WSFs primary objectives. Along with these, it is also working on multipurpose objectives like promotion of arts & cultural, education, skill development, handcrafts & textiles, cottage & small scale industries, Cancer awareness, Environment & Climate Change, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, etc.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.


I am Shweta -World Record Holder, Advisory member & organizing committee chair in the world peace summit. I am an Educationist, Academics Advisor , International &Motivational speaker and a education Consultant & Certified Life skill and soft skill trainer. I have accolades in various multifaceted roles in government and private companies projects. I have represented India's education forum internationally and conducted many child development and women empowerment programs. With my expertise in administration, curriculum development, content writing, pedagogy, assessments, marketing, expansion, teacher's training, recruitment and project management I have established benchmarks in education system. I believe everyone is equal but unique with different talents and different ways of developing and learning.


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