I'm Uday Rai Nanda !
182101 Raised Goal 100000


I am extremely inspired by the slogan "Beti Bachao Beti Padhao".

My school runs the girl child education classes for the under-privileged girls, in the evening after my school finishes. I always admired that and wanted to do something from my side to help in this cause.

I got my chance this year by running in the upcoming Vedanta Delhi Half-Marathon and raising Charity Funds for this cause - Girl Child Education. I am hoping to collect Rs. 100000/- through this run.

I pledge to support Udyaan care. Your support can keep girls in school and complete their graduation through the Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program. Young girls transform into educated, empowered, and confident Shalinis (dignified women). Since 2002, the program has impacted over 11,000 girls in 15 states of India. Your support will enable us to bring many more deserving girls in the program. Please donate for educating young girls.

I believe that every single rupee contributed to this Cause counts.

* Udayan Care is a 80G, 12A and CSR Form 1 compliant organization.


Udayan Care
Established in 1994, Udayan Care is a public charitable trust which works in the fields of Child & Youth Care, Education & Empowerment of Girls, Skilling underprivileged Youth & Women, and Advocacy for Alternative Care, Child Rights, and Family Strengthening. Headquartered in New Delhi, It has its presence in 34 cities and 15 states of India. Udayan Care's vision is "Making Young Lives Shine".


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

Shally Bhasin
nidhi bhasin
Janish Saigal
Dhritiman Biswas
Anjali Nayar
Jaishree and Viswanathan K V
Sonal nagpal
Sashwata Roy
Dr radhika sahni
Basabjit Chakrabarty
Ritin Rai
Nidhi Basu
Asha Bhasin
Rohan Sood
Amit Yadav
Rita Grover
Ram Kohli
Devyani bhardwaj
Tanima Dhawan
Puja Dhawan
Ruchi Lamba
Kamini Bhasin
Latika Nanda
Renu Khosla
Jagjit Rai Nanda
Pramila Nanda
Mira Bindra
Rishi Maheshwari
Hardeep Singh
Sarbvir Singh
Sumit Mehra
Akshay Nayar
Sidharth Luthra
Poonam Patnia
Rita Ayyar
Saguna Sood
Abhishek Arora
Onil Chandna
Roli Sharma
Tanmay Rai Nanda
Vasudha Bhasin
Girija Taylor
Swantika Alluwalia
Veena chadha
Vaishali Nanda
A N Menon
Rubina Nagra
Prashant Dayal
Vineet Bhalla
Deepak Sharma
Maheep Singh
Chetan Kumar
Sharda Dudani
Anish Batra
Nuzhat Nasreen
Vanita Dhingra
Angad Singh Narula
Deepak Doegar HUF
Silverdale India Ventures LLP


Hi !

I am Uday, a class IX student studying at Amity International school, Pushp Vihar.

I love listening to music and am extremely fond of animals. I also like playing football and gaming.
I have been inspired by my cousins raising funds for various causes they believe in. I always thought as a child that I would raise money for animal welfare.

However, I have become aware of importance of education and how we can build a better society. I would like to do my bit by raising funds for the lesser fortunate. I believe that every single rupee contributed to this cause counts.


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