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Thank you so much for visiting my page.

I am running in the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon this year again to support the ‘Vipla Foundation’.

It's a shocking fact that more than 50% of Grade V students can’t read Grade II textbooks. This is wrong.

I support this cause of good quality education for all children. I wish for children to enroll in schools and receive quality education so that they don’t drop out before completing their formal schooling.

Vipla foundation conducts remedial education classes for children to ensure that they reach their age-appropriate grade level and complete their formal schooling happily and with ease.

I urge you to join this cause and support the Vipla Foundation by donating on my page.



Vipla Foundation
Vipla Foundation (Legal entity registered as Save The Children India) is on a mission to ensure that nothing stops children of India from Learning, Growing and Flourishing. The organisation has its community interventions based on pillars of Early Interventions and System Strengthening. It recognises that early interventions are critical in improving the quality of lives of our programme participants particularly those who come from marginalised and excluded communities. On the other hand it values engaging and collaborating with systems for impact at scale and sustainability. Vipla foundation continues to train, capacitate systemic stakeholders and policy advocates for internalising and institutionalising the best practises.

The programme participants are largely children and women from communities experiencing intergeneration poverty due to meagre or limited access to education, livelihood and entitlements. Vipla Foundation recognises intersectionalites that operate and impacts access of services and resources for people on the basis of gender, caste, class and economic strata of society that makes these families and communities difficult to break the cycle of poverty, exploitation and marginalisation for generations.
Vipla Foundation works primarily with children of all ages through Early Childhood Care & Education, Prevention, Early Intervention & education of children with disabilities and helping children attain their learning level competencies. The organisation also works with women and girls from most vulnerable communities and those who are victims of sexual violence including sex trafficking and provides them with opportunities of education, employability, entrepreneurship, quality institutional care, safe return & repatriation and access to justice.

Organisational Interventions:

There are three core verticals in the organisation – Education, Inclusion and Anti-trafficking. The Inclusion programme includes a school for the hearing impaired and a school for the mentally disabled as well as an early intervention for those with hearing impairment, called Dhvani.

The education programme includes work on Early Childhood Education through a Balwadi programme and improved learning for children in Primary School through remedial programmes.

The Anti-Trafficking vertical works on Prevention, Protection, Prosecution and Policy. In urban pockets the Prevention programme includes skilling as a strategy and in rural pockets; the focus is on a Safe Village campaign that involves multiple stakeholders.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

Pranav Khanna
Nikhil Bathla
Nira Naik
Mukul Sukhani
Anisha Mittal
Neil sumeir radhu
Anuradha Raizada
Anjori saini
Geetika Jain
Pawani Bhalla
Gurminder Khera
Nitin Chaudhry
Shalini Khanna
Bhupinder Kaur
Shalini Khanna


I'm a Grade 12 student studying at Step By Step School Noida. I love to stay active and am a passionate football player.
I believe that all of us can succeed in making the world a better place. We will really appreciate any contribution you make as no amount is too little or too much.


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