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Founded by my mother Late Arti Puri, a fervent animal lover, Karan Puri Foundation started off with feeding few strays in and around our colony.

The plight of hundreds of starving, hurt dogs on the streets of Delhi pushed us to scale our feeding and from past 10 years we have been feeding more than 450 stray dogs and cats, every single day.

What all do we do currently?

1. FEEDING - 400+ strays fed a fresh meal everyday. Community kitchen that cooks 200Kg fresh food daily
2. RESCUE & AID - Running 2 animal ambulances in Delhi-NCR for stray animals.
3. VACCINATION - More than 500+ dogs vaccinated annually with Rabies and 6in1.
4. NEUTERING - Active sterilisation project ongoing on the ground.
In addition we provide water bowls in Summer Month and Bori Beds in winters


Contribute to our community kitchen - #BeAHungerHero
Make Hundreds of Dogs – Happy!
At the best of times, life is a struggle for India’s stray dogs. Stray dogs survive on garbage, leftover food, and help from feeders.
The way to a man’s best friend’s heart, is often through food. You can spread happiness amongst hundreds of dogs who live on the streets of Delhi, by sponsoring a meal for them and be a hunger hero.

Project - #SaveALife!!
Street animals' lives depend on the community's help. Creating a central rescue point will inspires people to not only call our helpline when they see an injured animal, but to feed the animals in their neighbourhood, spot problems before they become serious, report cruelty, and even give medicine under the direction of our panel vet.
You can help us by contributing towards the fixed cost for running two ambulances in the capital city.


Karan Puri Foundation
The Karan Puri Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered under the The Indian Trust Act,1882. Established by Late Arti Puri the foundation works extensively on issues related to Animal Welfare.

Our key focus areas include feeding, ambulance services, vaccination & sterilisation, rescue & aid, adoption & networking and advocating. We are serving nourishment to 400+ stray dogs daily with an active rescue team with medical services.

We aim at inspiring mankind to care and value the lives of all animals.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.


I am Divya Co - Founder of Karan Puri Foundation. I am an auditor by profession and animal activist by heart. I am currently running a non-profit initiative for animals. We run a community kitchen via which we feed 450+ dogs and cats in the vicinity of South Delhi. We also run two ambulances in the vicinity of Delhi-NCR.


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