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The Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program empowers young girls in peril of dropping out of formal education with education, life skills, and employability training. The Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program transforms shy, hesitant, and timid young girls into educated, confident, and well-informed women (Shalini) and sets them on the path to success. I have personally interacted with many such Shalinis and have been blown away by their stories of hard work, grit, and sheer determination to succeed against all odds.

What is empowerment for a young girl who almost dropped out of school due to the family’s financial issues? Our Shalinis tell us in their own words:

“After my uncle’s surgery, instead of their son, my aunt asked me to attend to him in the hospital and ensure that all medicines were being administered to him timely.”

“My Jeeju asked me for my opinion on which college and which course should his brother apply to.”

Girls are the foundation of a society and empowering girls strengthens their families, the society, and the nation. Open your hearts and do your bit for educating young girls. #DONATE #SUPPORT #SPREADTHEWORD #RUNTOEMPOWER

For just Rs. 2100 per month, a young girl can have a chance at finishing her education. So be generous, open your hearts and your wallets. Let us get our girls going ahead in life.

Udayan Care is a 80G, 12A and CSR Form1 compliant organization.


Udayan Care
Established in 1994, Udayan Care is a public charitable trust which works in the fields of Child & Youth Care, Education & Empowerment of Girls, Skilling underprivileged Youth & Women, and Advocacy for Alternative Care, Child Rights, and Family Strengthening. Headquartered in New Delhi, It has its presence in 34 cities and 15 states of India. Udayan Care's vision is "Making Young Lives Shine".


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

Shatrunjay Hegde
Alok Dharma
Arush thapar
Rishabh Zaveri
Harish Iyer
Maya Iyer
rahul subberwal
Pankaj Vatsa
Bharat Singh negi
Vaidyanath Iyer
Dushyant Laijawala
Abinash Panda
Mohd Farhan
Narayan Pendse
Anamika Mehta
Rakesh Mattoo
Rosemary Hegde
Ranjit N T
Vijay Devadass
Sreelata Bhatia
Michael Homawalla
Asha Saxena Ahmad
Amit Kapur
Raj Gupta
Moon Mukherjee
Raminder Singh
Jagdeep Singh Budhiraja
Ajay Mehta,
Harshavardhan K Hegde


Hello. I am Anjali Hegde. A corporate professional for nearly three decades, I took a decision to do something more meaningful with my life. I have now shifted to the social sector and feel truly fulfilled and happy.

The Delhi Half Marathon is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness, resources, and funds and I have decided to raise some funds for Udayan Care - the NGO that works with children and youth.

I appeal to each one of you to be generous and support my cause. We are fortunate to have enjoyed a privileged life, let us 'give back'. Believe me, it is an uplifting feeling!!

My warmest hugs and biggest thank you to each one of you!!


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