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Education is a fundamental right of every individual but it is not accessible to everyone equally. While many government schemes enable underprivileged kids to acquire basic education, transition to higher education is not an option for many. The cost of education has become a barrier for low-income families and a privilege for high-income families. But, we have to realize that right to education does not stop at the school gate.

Girls' education suffers more due to the inequalities of our society. It is often believed that investing in a girl's education is a waste of money & efforts as she is supposed to get married and live a domesticated lifestyle. There have been numerous cases where girls were forced to leave school as the family preferred educating their sons over their daughters.

This is where Udayan Care's leadership program Udayan Shalini Fellowship is relevant as it provides the necessary support to exceptional girls from underprivileged backgrounds. It is a unique program initiated by Udayan Care to provide financial assistance, personality development, and employment opportunities to deserving and talented girls from weaker socio-economic backgrounds. All the beneficiaries go on to become strong independent women with a resolve to help others and give back to society.

I would like to request each one of you to donate to the cause so that more and more girls get educated. It is an opportunity for you to be changemakers and walk the talk.


Udayan Care
Established in 1994, Udayan Care is a public charitable trust which works in the fields of Child & Youth Care, Education & Empowerment of Girls, Skilling underprivileged Youth & Women, and Advocacy for Alternative Care, Child Rights, and Family Strengthening. Headquartered in New Delhi, It has its presence in 34 cities and 15 states of India. Udayan Care's vision is "Making Young Lives Shine".


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

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I am a PhD researcher who wants to give back to society in whatever way I can. I recently discovered this platform and want to utilize it to bring a positive change and support a cause I feel deeply connected to.


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