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We all think about giving it back to the society we're a part of in whatever way we can and what better way if you can club it with you passion 'Running'.
The vision & mission of USHAKIRAN is very close to my heart not only because thru their SHIKSHA mission they teach & get the underprivileged kids introduced to the formal schooling system but they also work tirelessly towards the overall development of those kids ensuring they become successful & responsible citizens of India.
By supporting USHAKIRAN in VDHM 2022, I'm trying to do my bit to support these exceptional kids & would request others to be a part of this bandwagon too, pls donate generously!


Ushakiran began in 2016 and its aim is to enable children from urban slums and other vulnerable communities to live a life of dignity by providing them with quality education and skill development opportunities for their holistic development. It envisions a society where no child is deprived of all-rounded education due to poverty.

UshaKiran appeals to support our project Shiksha & Skilling through Digital Literacy to impact lives in need.

Skilling through Digital Literacy will help us to build and operate a computer lab where 500+ individuals will get hands-on digital literacy and inculcate habits and skills that can help them procure better vocational and livelihood opportunities.

Project Shiksha will help marginalised school children to have education, nutrition and other amenities essential in the formative ages of learning through school.

UshaKiran intends to create a bright future for these deserving children by undertaking a number of initiatives:
- Prepare the children for school admissions
- Provide uniforms, fees, books etc
- Daily remedial classes by subject experts
- Workshops, training, lectures and interactive sessions by experts
- Setting up a Nutri Garden
- Launched an e-library
- Shubharambh project: Underprivileged girls and women of villages were given training in sanitary pad making. These sanitary pads were distributed free of cost among women of farmer communities, housemaids, and cleaning staff of the NOIDA Authority
- Create awareness and worked towards Health, nutrition and sanitation of the children
- Provided bicycles to 150 underprivileged children to commute
- Boost creativity by promoting art & craft, dance, and singing
- Promote sports and physical fitness
- Computer education
- Skill development
- Parents counselling


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

Aakash Kasaundhan
Rajnish Agarwal
Vibhuti Garg
Lovish Bhatia
Nishant Budhiraja
Komal Sadana
Rajneesh Kumar Sharma
Pranav Bhatia


Hi, I'm Gautam Sadana, a runner by choice & a finance guy by profession. If your passion can help contribute something positive to the society, what more one can ask for, so here I'm running my favorite running event & supporting my favorite NGO.


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