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Computer Shiksha’s strength as an organization lies in its ability to manage people, process and technology. In our dream to bridge the digital divide in our country we intend catering to all sections of our society which are not computer literate. We have started at the bottom of the pyramid by enabling those who have the least hope of getting computer literate in the near future.
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Computer Shiksha
We at Computer Shiksha (CS) help provide free computer literacy for the under-served at needy schools where students are already regularly attending classes. We deliver CS video course-ware, training, monitoring, evaluation, free lifetime maintenance support, and certification. And, all of our services, are offered free as a payback to society. Computer Shiksha (CS), is an 80G, 12A certified and FCRA approved non-profit organization, working towards enabling computer literacy among the under-served communities. Today, CS is providing free computer literacy to 1,20,000+ children of under-served communities through CS-enabled centers at 675+ schools in 16 states in India, and expanding fast. Our Computer Literacy courses teach the students to practically use Paint, text processing, spreadsheets, presentations, internet usage, and e-mail, etc. Computer Shiksha focuses on practically teaching how to use computers by learning things like Ms- Office and there-by using computers as a tool and an aid in learning in Life. One of the most important aspects of Computer Shiksha is that computer course videos are designed to replace a human teacher totally; which is seen as a big boon in remote low-budget schools. The CS course demands the use of one computer per child so that s(he) can have 100% practical learning. The course thus requires one computer per student. With this element in the design, any person who may be 12th standard pass and may have never seen a computer in life will become a world-class trainer/facilitator after 8 days of intensive training by CS. Not only that, this person after CS training will be able to address more than 90% of hardware and software issues in the school computers with the WhatsApp video helpline of CS. Note that our course videos are freely available on YouTube to anyone who wants to learn about computers. Do kindly provide answers to our Evaluation Form and the pics asked for, for each of your Schools/Centers. I will be happy to answer questions from you or provide additional details that you may require, and we look forward to taking CS to more needy kids with your support. We are 80G, 12A, and FCRA compliant and the work we do is covered under CSR.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.


I am passionate towards running and take part in any such event organized for Run for a cause. Look forward to take part as an individual runner in Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon 2022.


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