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Our project "Feeding the Needy" serves 200 meals per day in various communities. We're also trying to spread menstrual awareness and education in various communities with the help of our project "Period ka Path". This project also involves free distribution of sanitary pads and kits. Lack of menstrual education has been an issue that India has been tackling for a while. It is also a relatively new issue as there is a lot of stigma around this topic. 138 Crores, that's the whopping number we're dealing with when in comes to population of our country. The sad fact is 182 million of these people are undernourished. That's 14% of our population. Hunger is a worldwide issue and there have always been many attempts to solve this problem but it can only be solved one step at a time, one mouth at a time. Help me try to take one step towards helping the ones who life hasn't been kind towards.


Each One Feed One
We founded the EOFO initiative in August 2020 to bring about positive change in the lives of marginalized communities. Development professionals joined their hands to work on the common cause to inspire breakthroughs and have lasting changes in people’s lives. We work to transform the knowledge base, skills, and capacities of our team into impacting the lives of individuals and their communities to provide a self-sustaining ecosystem. EOFO aims at promoting sustainable livelihood opportunities alongside intervention in other domains such as skill training, hunger, health, education, hygiene, and other entitlements. All of us witness unusual events and experiences in our daily lives, whether at the workplace or within the families and communities. We encounter images of people without basic needs, constraining norms, and practices. As we ponder upon, we pass through stages of disbelief, gloom, anger, and sympathy, but quickly gloss over it to move on with our lives. We acknowledge the need for heightened social consciousness. These events were the pressing points to start the journey of Each One Feed One. We decided to create and enable the privileges and opportunities, for those who do not have access. We started a dialogue with communities, who offered their time, space, ideas, and motivation. In the year 2020, Each One Feed One was born. Thus began an exciting journey of engaging with the grassroots, creating a circle of ambitious goals, and reaching out through our first-mile ventures.
Our Interventions:
1. Project Beat the Hunger: Feeding initiative is deemed important because these are among the efforts done to address the prominent problem of malnutrition, hunger, and food insecurity here in our country India. Also, these programs mostly aim to serve underprivileged individuals, especially children. Thus, feeding programs are important to provide care and basic necessity to those who need them the most.Currently we are distributing food to 1500 individuals in Delhi in different slum areas. It focuses more on children whose families are involved in waste picking, balloon sellers, construction workers and beggars etc.
During Covid-19 we have established a kitchen to provide nutritious meals in different parts to support the people. During that time we had supported 3lakh children with cooked meals.
2. Skill Training and Livelihood:The objective of the Program is to empower women by providing them with life-skills training and employment opportunities for their sustainability and better quality of life. We have been training women and making them independent to start earning on their own. Women are connected with different agencies to have better employment opportunities. The main goal of the program is to make women independent.
3. Menstrual Hygiene and Management: The Project “Period ka Paath”will be on addressing the information needs of women and girls on menstrual hygiene and women’s health and also distribution of sanitary pads in the various parts of India. The Program focuses to provide knowledge and create awareness among the women who are in need of support.
We have reached around 3000 women through our training module and Distributed 5000 sanitary kits in different parts of India.

Other than training and awareness generation inputs, the programme imparts life skill education modules to adolescent girls under which extensive orientation on specific gender issues and aspects of self-esteem, prestige and dignity, confidence building, negotiation skills, self defence techniques, gender-based attitude and behaviour, female foeticide and infanticide, career options for girls, implications of early marriage and pregnancy on women’s health, children’s and women’s rights, etc are undertaken.
4. Digital Literacy: digital Empowerment by providing computer competencies to adolescents and Women of the community. Digital empowerment through the module-based training to the people who are in need and support for achieving their dreams. Curriculum so that the first-generation users are also able to access,analyse and understand information to become conscious consumers and producers of online content. The programme sought to empower 2000 Girls by helping them through a step-by-step guide on how to operate. The program teaches basic to advanced computer skills, Internet skills, Internet on mobile, chat, e-mail, etc.
Our Appeal
We are raising funds for two projects one is Feeding and Menstruation.
We have detailed proposal for all the programs we are running.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

Anchit Magee
Jalaj jain


I am an MSW student trying to raise funds for causes such as hunger and menstrual education and distribution of free sanitary pads.


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